Bitcoin Market Offers the Most Advanced Crypto Trading System

Bitcoin Market Offers the Most Advanced Crypto Trading System

The crypto world is constantly growing and today crypto traders have good reason to celebrate. The Vertex Technologies, a company specializing in solutions for the crypto market, developed the Vector software professional to monitor and negotiate crypto!

Advanced and Complete Trading Platform

The Vector is the most advanced and complete trading platform for crypto: uniting features of the graphical analysis, tape reading, operational features, risk management and data on-chain, the Vector added analytical and operational resources to meet from the novice to the trader most demanding in the high performance cryptocurrency market!

The Bitcoin Marketplace is now ready and integrated with Vector, so you can immediately use the platform to make the best decisions in cryptocurrency trading!

Anyone who uses Profit, a platform for trading on the Stock Exchange, will love this novelty: many Vector tools were inspired by the stock market and mini contracts, many of them being completely new in the crypto market.

Chart Trading Orders

You will be able to send and edit orders directly from the chart through Chart Trading and test your strategies without putting your capital at risk through the Simulator. It will also be possible to use special order types such as Stop Loss and OCO, limiting the risk of your trades.

In addition, have access to the most advanced graphics resources for cryptoactives, performing your analysis with high precision. Use time charts (minutes to years), timeless charts and hundreds of technical indicators.

Use Advanced Order Flow Tools

Use advanced order flow tools such as Order Book with monitoring and filtering, view aggregated buy and sell aggression with Times and Trades Original Order and discover key market prices in Volume at Price. Identify key players in the cryptocurrency market quickly and easily.

Analyze blockchain data and discover its relationship to market events, identifying the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies. Get access to dozens of metrics like hashrate and active addresses, as well as unique cryptocurrency indicators like NVT and MVRV.

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Peter Baker is a veteran cryptocurrency broker who has accumulated more than ten years of experience within the industry. He is widely recognized for his analytical trading approach and his capacity to predict market shifts in the digital asset landscape. Mr. Baker is dedicated to keeping up with the latest technological advancements in order to offer his clients expert guidance and recommendations.

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