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What Is A Binance Meme Coin?


World is more than a global village today. The ever-growing progress on scientific basis has developed the technology-based era. It has gone through many timely adaptations to provide factual time space. The whole scene of working and development is out of imagination. Doing business online, investing money and getting benefitted is kind of common practice …

Is Filecoin Safe?

Is Filecoin Safe

YES! Just like other digital currencies, Filecoin is based on blockchain technology.  What is a blockchain? Blockchain is a series of blocks that store data. Each block holds a unique number (among other things) and a link that connects one block to another. Every block is an important part of a sequence, and, if changed, …

Altcoin – Understand What It is and What is the Importance

Altcoin - Understand What It is and What is the Importance

Due to the rapid rise of Bitcoin in the market, investors created an alternative virtual currency, with different formats, to diversify investment portfolios. That cryptocurrency is altcoin. Currently, it is estimated that there are more than eight thousand altcoins on the market. This is mainly due to the alternative feature, which encompasses all virtual currency, …

Advantages and Risks of Altcoins

Advantages and Risks of Altcoins

The altcoin today is a kind of virtual currency Bitcoin surpassed. That’s because there are several cryptos to trade, which make them attractive to investors looking for diversification. What are the advantages and risks of altcoins? With each virtual currency offering different proposals on the market, the main advantage is an interesting alternative to Bitcoin. …