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How to Mine at Home on PC or Notebook?

Bitcoin mining at home is currently unprofitable. On the other hand, there are some cryptocurrencies that can be mined using conventional computers or notebooks. Care must be taken with mining using computer graphics cards (GPU), as the energy consumption is very high, making operation in many countries is unfeasible.

How to Mine at Home on PC or Notebook?

Software like Cudo Miner and Honeyminer are well known, and help to earn bitcoins automatically. The app itself chooses the cryptocurrency that is most profitable at the moment. The problem is that these applications consume a lot of computer resources, making them slow. Furthermore, profits are very low when discounting the cost of electricity.

In addition to the high investment in computers with large processing capacity, in addition to spending on electricity, it is necessary to compete with powerful data centers around the world. In China, where energy is cheap, there are real bitcoin mining farms. Yeah… so it’s hard to compete.

How to mine Bitcoin without spending?

Unfortunately it is not possible to mine Bitcoin without using electricity. However, it is possible to receive cryptocurrencies by performing small remote jobs. However, there are numerous scams claiming to carry out “cloud mining”. Be very careful with these offers!

These sites and companies claiming to offer shared mining service are scams, and even rent real miners to take photos and videos. Such operations usually even carry out guided tours to prove their legitimacy.

For those looking to perform tasks in exchange for bitcoins, it is possible to use traditional sites such as Then, you must use the received values ​​to acquire bitcoins through an exchange.

However, if you choose to perform remote work and receive directly in cryptocurrencies, there are platforms that do this intermediation. These platforms offer ranging from simpler tasks to more complex services, therefore with a higher remuneration.