Top Reasons to Not Miss Out On the Maiden NFT Drop For the World’s First NFT Cricket Game

Top Reasons to Not Miss Out On the Maiden NFT Drop For the World’s First NFT Cricket Game

As you all might have noticed across various social media platforms, there has been a lot of buzz around cricket. While the popular tournament Indian Premier League is one of the reasons behind all the hush and rush, some amount of engagement also comes from the first-ever drop event for the world’s first NFT cricket game.

A blockchain game based on cricket has been on the cards for a long time since the first sports-based NFTs came into existence, along with a few NFT-based sports games such as Sorare. Cricket got its first NFTs from some random creators who sold pixelated art versions of cricketers without any focus on community building or the like.

The NFT space for cricket became more defined with FanCraze, an NFT marketplace that sold iconic video clips from various cricket matches. Now, things might take a turn for the better due to the upcoming cricket NFT drop leading toward the first metaverse-based cricket game. In this blog, we will see about the forthcoming NFT drop event in detail and some important reasons for which one should not miss the drop event.

What is the NFT Drop in Discussion All About?

The upcoming NFT drop event, called Super Loot, is the first-ever NFT drop for the world’s first NFT-based cricket game Meta Cricket League. The drop is scheduled to take place on April 22, 2022, register and fund your wallet on the cricket NFT game marketplace. is powered by GuardianLink, a firm popular for developing celebrity NFT marketplaces in the past. So far, we have been seeing a variety of social media posts that have been generating huge hype among people. Also, there have been a lot of expectations for the drop, especially with the marketplace website offering a classy user experience.

There have been a lot of speculations going around various forums, with the most shared being that the NFTs from the drop would consist of digital player cards, digital versions of cricket bats, and physically signed bats from famous cricketers. The speculation could indeed be true since a portion of the website suggests the same.

Also, it has been put forth by some gaming experts that the NFTs from the drop event would likely play a vital role in the gameplay of the upcoming NFT cricket game. Also, since the NFTs are targeted toward cricket, gaming, and NFT communities, it is visible that the NFTs hold more value than in-game assets, hence increasing the craze for the NFT drop event.

The NFT marketplace on itself takes some limelight due to its visually intriguing interface while offering a seamless user experience. The marketplace is likely to be the focal point of all the NFT sales and trading across the game world as well, which can be estimated from a section on the website. This means the gaming ecosystem would be one of its kind, with its own metaverse that exclusively concentrates on the cricket game.

How Do I Sign Up for the NFT Drop Event?

Signing up for the Super Loot NFT drop event is as easy as signing up for any other website. You need to provide your personal details under the “Sign Up” section on the marketplace’s website, and a verification email will be sent to your email address. Then, you need to fill in some amount of the stable coin Tether or USDT, with the minimum being 100 USDT.

There you are now, ready to carry out your first purchase at the NFT drop event tomorrow. You should not be too worried about navigating around or using the website, as an elaborate FAQ section is given at the bottom, which is really helpful in providing valuable knowledge about the NFT marketplace.

Why Should One Not Miss the Drop Event By Any Chance?

There are a lot of reasons for someone among the cricketing, gaming, or NFT fraternity not to miss the Super Loot drop event. One of the primary reasons is that the drop event holds significance for all the above strata of users.

For cricket fans, the NFTs can serve as their first avenue to get their first taste of the blockchain world. Also, cricket fans waiting for a new cricket game can make merry with these NFTs, and nothing will be lost since the NFT products are tradable assets. The prospect of play-to-earn (P2E) also makes the drop super popular among cricket fans who are looking to earn additional income.

For gaming enthusiasts, these NFTs can serve as a gateway to enter yet another P2E gaming experience that has been building excitement in their minds since the announcement first came out. Irrespective of their experience with the game, a gamer can always sell off the NFTs in their possession easily through the NFT marketplace.

Professional gamers’ contribution to the drop is expected to play an important role in shaping the whole cricketing metaverse experience for all types of participants.

As far as NFT collectors are concerned, they should not be missing the Super Loot NFT drop since the value of the collectibles contained in the drop is expected to rise steadily as the developers carry out the next steps and more people get into P2E gaming as a profession or pastime. The NFT collectibles would also be worthy of bragging about among your fellow collector friends and the wider community.

Some Closing Thoughts

Before concluding this blog, one should know that since NFTs are very new, there have been a lot of mixed reactions to the topic. Irrespective of all the skepticism involved, these digital tokens have a huge potential, just like how smartphones showed promise in the past. What does such a statement have to do with this NFT drop? The Super Loot NFT drop is one of such promising events with an exciting future project on the way, which could lead the world of blockchain gaming to a better place.

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