Understand What Cold Wallet is and What are the Advantages

Understand What Cold Wallet is and What are the Advantages

As they are a digital asset, finding the ideal place to store cryptocurrencies is an important step for investors. In this case, there are some types of digital wallets that guarantee a certain degree of security, including the Cold Wallet.

In this location, it is possible to store from public to private keys, which allow access to cryptocurrencies — Bitcoins and Altcoins —, in addition to validating transactions and saving cryptocurrencies, its main function.

So, if your concern is the security of investments against hacker invasions, understand what Cold Wallets are. Read the content below and see the advantages of having this offline wallet.

What is Cold Wallet?

Cold Wallet is a “place” where cryptocurrencies are stored, but offline, that is, without connection to any network.

Because of this characteristic, many investors looking for the safety of long-term investments opt for this type of portfolio. After all, the chances of cyber attacks are minimal since there is no internet connection.

Be it a cold Bitcoin wallet (BTC) or an Ethereum (ETH), for example, hosting them in a virtual environment is a way to avoid future losses. That’s because the digital medium is vulnerable to unwanted input.

Cold Wallet vs. Hot Wallet: What’s the Difference?

To understand the concept of Cold Wallet, it is important to differentiate it from Hot Wallet Crypto.

With a definition opposite to the cold wallet, Hot Wallet is a cryptocurrency storage system that is directly connected to an internet network. Thus, its operation is more practical than offline models.

Cold Wallets Superior Security

However, when it comes to security, Cold Wallets have an advantage. This is due to protection against hacker intrusion, as they are not connected to other devices and online networks.

Another distinction between these two portfolios is accessibility. While Hot Wallets are free for all investors, it is necessary to pay a fee to be able to use the cold wallets.

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