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Monthly archives: October, 2021

Is Filecoin Safe?

Is Filecoin Safe

YES! Just like other digital currencies, Filecoin is based on blockchain technology.  What is a blockchain? Blockchain is a series of blocks that store data. Each block holds a unique number (among other things) and a link that connects one block to another. Every block is an important part of a sequence, and, if changed, …

Unigrid Open Sale

Join The Next Internet

When we first began this journey in 2018 neither Adam nor I ever intended to ask anybody for funding. We both wanted this to be something that grew organically with community support. As time has passed, challenges have risen and have been overcome; we’ve learned and grew from this experience. The ultimate goal of Unigrid is to …

Best Crypto Investment Tips for Beginners


The world of crypto for investment can be a confusing place, but it doesn’t have to remain so for long. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the hundreds or even thousands of options available- don’t worry! There are some basic guidelines that will help make your journey easier and more fruitful – 10 simple steps …